We offer Paypal semi clean transfers to almost all countries (NO African countries).
Buy these transfers with our self made virgin or aged Paypal middleman accounts for a successful cash out!
Delivery time: 12 - 72 hours
$500 = $200
$1000 = $350
$2000 = $650
$3000 = $950
$4000 = $1200
$5000 = $1500
We need these info for the transfer:
- Paypal email
- Country of Paypal account
- Currency of your Paypal account
Our requirements for the transfer:
- Make sure your account is fully verified
- Make sure your account is aged (1+ month)
- Make sure you have 10+ in/out going transactions made in the past
By buying this listing you agree to our terms and conditions:
★ NO refunds or replacements
★ We are NOT responsible for held funds
★ We are NOT responsible for funds under review
★ We are NOT responsible for any limitations
★ We are NOT responsible if you can't cash out the funds
★ We don't provide methods on how to use funds or how to cash out
★All orders must be finalized within 12 hours after order has been shipped, failing to do this and you’ll be PERMANENT BANNED from our services and we'll dispute the funds on Paypal so your account will get frozen
★ Scammers will be banned and also reported to WSM.




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