- Many years of real experience in travel industry, private methods, constant development of new methods.
- I know how industry works from the inside, I know weak spots and know how to use them.
- Customers safety and satisfaction is priority over any money.
- I have spoken with many darknet travel service customers to know how to give you best customer service experience.
- Professional attitude with real deadlines for your order. No bullshit, no wasting time, only professionalism.
- No FE, never release any cent before completed and successfuly received service.
- Freebies for the returning customers in form of free tours/attractions/venue tickets/etc...
- 10% discount if you pay using MONERO(XMR).
!! Do not buy this listing, please contact me to arrange a deal, there will be individual listing made individualy for you. !!
!! Minimum retail price to get 25% is 500$, everything less than 500$ will cost you 125$. !!
!! Most bookings are ready in 2-48 hours !!
!! I am ready to answer any of your questions. Please feel free to contact me for more information. !!
!! I am very interested in co-operation with re-sellers and drug traffickers. !!
XMPP(Jabber) contact: travelcorp@verified.pm / For privacy please communicate using OTR or OMEMO encryption.
/// FLIGHT BOOKINGS from expert! 25%
Currently I will always accept DEPARTURES from countries listed below, this means that FIRST DEPARTURE must be from any of following countries.
One-way, roundtrip, multi-city destination can be any country in the world. Important is only FIRST DEPARTURE country.
United States,
United Kingdom,
New Zealand,
- I will accept orders ONLY between 5 days and 4 weeks until FIRST departure date.
- Last minute bookings possible only for flights inside United States(no less than 24 hours until departure).
- Departures from other countries sometimes are also possible, please contact me.
/// CAR RENTALS from expert! 25%
- I will accept car rental orders in any country pick-up time must be between 3 days and 4 weeks.
- Please feel free to contact me for more information.
!! You are reponsible to meet all requirement of rental company, there will be no refunds if you was refused pick-up of car because of not meting requirments of rental company.
Please let me know if you are renting for the first time and I will explain you how car rental companies work.
Bare minimum what you need to have is ID/Passport, Driver License, CREDIT CARD for security deposit(damages/speed tickets/tolls/etc..).
Most companies in United States does not accept DEBIT CARDs, in Europe DEBIT CARDs are accepted. !!!
/// HOTEL BOOKINGS from expert! 25%
- I will accept hotel bookings in any country, check-in date must be between 5 days and 4 weeks.
- Please feel free to contact me for more information.




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