SPACE Remove 21 day HOLD PayPal Service

SPACE Remove 21 day HOLD PayPal Service


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Hello Everybody !

                   New Service !                      

If you get 21 day hold after PayPal transfer - you can remove it easily with our Fed ex tracking numbers !

# How its working ?
-We will provide you tracking numbers and you will be able to remove all dispute from your Paypal !

# Where should i use this tracking number ?
- We will send you instruction in PM

    What is important ?  = ATTENTION =   SIGNATURE PROOF    

- If hold transaction is more then 750$ its better to make signature proof because it will give you more chances to recieve your funds with out any problems !
It is written in PayPal policy !

  Working with :  USA , Spain , France , China , German
  Remove 21 day hold from your Paypal
  You will get instruction in PM
  Working with all accounts ( not aged accounts as well  )
  Fast delivery
  Best price on DM
  Replacement possible ( you have to provide proof )

You have to write in buyer notes :
Transfer's sender Full Name
Transfer's sender Address
Transfer's sender City
Transfer's sender State
Transfer's sender Zip Code
Transfer amount

Important info ! Pls read !
#We are not responsible if you provide wrong address !
# Its impossible to remove hold on the next day !
# For today we can only reduce waiting time to 5-8 days !

Thank you!