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Amazon seller account set-up that is seller ready. Bank must be added in order to have money transferred as the account does not come with one nor is necessary to begin selling. The only necessary requirement is a valid credit card which has been added.

Accounts do have the 14 day grace period hold for new time sellers and then moves into the standard payout after the period is over.

We can set up the Amazon accounts under specific details which you can give to us ie; name, address, phone, etc…

Note: For custom option, please add the details you would like on the account in the note section at checkout.

Please also make sure that his information has not been used before. If information has been used and Amazon suspends the account, we are not responsible nor do we offer replacements or refunds.

Necessary precautions must be taken the same way you would use on eBay ie; IP address, cookies, personal information, etc…

Note: These are individual seller accounts only, not professional. These are also not category approved accounts either.

I just logged into my account for the first time and it is showing as suspended ?

This is completely normal,and can be fixed in less then 24 hours.First thing you do is check the notifications for the reason of suspension.If you read a message that says  “Please provide the following documents and confirm there is a valid credit card on file:
–Utility bill with name and address visible
–Business license
–If you have active listings, include copies of invoices, receipts, contracts or delivery orders from your supplier issued in the last 90 days.
Just inform us and we will take care of it.Unfortunately amazon doesn’t have a specific time frame they send this message so you have to let us know if you get it.But it is normal and easy to fix.

My account is not yet registered as a professional,when will it be upgraded?

All newly created amazon accounts as of 2017 go through a process of verification through month 1.This is a new rule which recently just became effective.The account will be upgraded to professional by us.We are still providing all of the necessary documents as promised.This is amazons process of how they want to do things,and unfortunately they do it at their own pace.You can still sell ,you can still list in the mean time until we get you fully verified through amazons process.There is no way around amazons verification process,sit tight and it wont take long.

Is there anything that I need to get for these premade accounts?

Generally Sellerinsure covers all Amazon account details on premade accounts except for the “Phone Number”.For the safety of the account we need you to have a phone number on deck that you have access to in case amazon one day decides to call.Try to stay away from forwarding number services like google voice,due to the fact they are highly used up by other amazon sellers and you may get a recycled number previously banned by amazon.The only way forwarding numbers are acceptable is in the case
you had yours previously for a year or more,then there is a less chance of risk.
The few methods I recommend is that you use a relatives phone number(make sure you ask wether they
already used it on a amazon buyer or seller),purchase a new sim card for
your phone,buy a a prepaid phone such as tracfone or other brands.

When does the feedback arrive on the Acccount?

After 21 days, which is the first payout of a new amazon account.Due to the account being new we cant minipulate feedback
until you get the first cashout.It is the responsibility of the Account owner to contact us about adding feedback portion of the package after 21 days.Once we give the accounts to the clients we do not touch them without permission from the Owner.

How can we tell wether the amazon stealth technique worked?

It takes the first 24 hours to tell if a stealth method has worked.If the amazon account goes down the first 24 hours it means that one of the peices of info used to creat the account was previously used and Banned by amazon on another account.
That could be the phone number,address,tax info,or credit card.If the account does suspend in the first 24 hours
it was most likely due to the phone number being banned.Due to the fact that credit cards,tax info,and addresses are
all set up in a way to ensure that there are no repeat info amongst previously suspended amazon accounts,the only weak
point would be because of the phone number.Its all figured out by process of elimination.Which is why its important to
log out of an account when you make it,and do NOT touch it for the first 24 hours.

What if my account last the 24 hours,but gets related to another account suspension after a month?

Amazon doesnt just link accounts without a reason ,they are not psychic so they dont know that you are related inless you did
something wrong with the process during your time of use.You must be careful to always use the steps we teach you 100 percent
of the time.If you slip you could get caught.The # 1 rule is if your account makes it to the first payout (21 days)you have nothing to worry about as far as being linked.Like the answer to the previous question stated,24 hours will let you know if the credit card,tax info ,phone number,and addresses are safe for the account.Only exemption from that rule is the ip address,if its a bad ip address then amazon may catch you days later but never after 21 days.95 percent of the time the new ip you get for your account will not be
banned by amazon and safe to use,so this isn’t a issue you need to worry about. Sellerinsure does cover you if you go down for being linked regardless,
so dont panic.But there maybe rare occasions where you are issued a bad ip and it may get caught after 1 week,its fine(things happen) Axtron will
remake your account for free.

What happens if my account goes down for being Linked?

Being linked is the only suspension Sellerinsure covers you for no matter if its your fault or not we will replace the account.We have no control if you go down for selling related issues such as low odr,bad feedback,customer complaints,or selling replicated merchandise/high risk inventory.

What products are known as high risk in Amazons eyes?

There is no way to be precise because Amazon makes up as they go what products are considered high risk,but there are some categories you definitely need to be careful about selling in as a new amazon merchant. There’s nothing more annoying than them accusing you of selling fake merchandise.

Media such as software ,new video games,dvds

large brand names such as apple,Dr Dre beats headphones
Basically anything that is known to be replicated is a Huge NO NO for new sellers.

I cant Log into my account ,even when I change the password.What is wrong?

This rare situation is called an account block.It will only happen if amazon thinks your account activity is shady or your using a previously Banned ip address.It counts as a suspension in most cases and you wont get any notifications when it happens.If it happens before your first payout

Sellerinsure will replace the account. Its Less likely to happen after a successful payout for the first time,and if it does it is due to your selling activity or how your operating the account. This is why you should take your time when you get a new amazon account,until you get 1 successful payout.You never know whats really going to happen in the first 21 days.

So after the first 24 hours can I start using my account?

Yes you can start listing and getting approved for categories. However take it slow and get up your feedback score before you start making tons of money. Inless your going fba ,do Not list high quantities of items especially brands. For the first month I recommend staying away from big name brands and other items amazon considers high risk.

What do I do about return addresses?

Never add a already used address in the amazon account.I recommend getting a Po box a month after the amazon account has been active.
Or use a third party shipping service like or shipstation to print out the return address on the shipping label.Also another
option is to leave the return address settings in the amazon account blank so when people need to return items they will have to ask you
personally ,and you can reference them over the phone or by email to the return address on the shipping label mailed to them.Or you can put
address in a file attachment and message it to them that way.But never ever enter a old banned address dirrectly into the amazon system.

When do I add my bank account?

Your going to want to get a bank account as soon as possible
for the purpose of receiving a new credit or debit card.
You should add you bank account 5 days before first payout.
You dont get paid until day 21 from opening a new Amazon account.
Bank accounts are really simple to get online.
Just make it in your real information .When it comes time to add it to amazon give them the bank name ,the routing number,the new account number and the fake name used on the stealth account.Most banks can be opened online.

How do I get approved for catagories?

All catagories are going to require you send 3 invoices from your suppliers.Amazon is going to have a requirement for each invoice to have a specific ammount of inventory bought on each one.DO NOT send them invoices with your old account name or address,they will use that to link
you.You should have your invoices altered to say your new account name and address and maybe add additional inventory.This service does not come with the initial package.

How much money am I allowed to make the first month?

There is no solid number for that because of so many variables makes a difference in what amazon allows you to do the first month and so on.The rule of thumb is 700 per month for accounts with out any feedback.It also depends on what your selling.But the main trick is to get your feedback up as your making sales.Do not stop getting feedback because it is your life line. I’ve seen accounts make more than 100 k the first month because they focused so much on getting feedback that amazon allowed them to carry on with out reviews.

My amazon account just got a Review.What is a Rolling reserve?

Don’t panic,rolling reserve reviews are common for new sellers on amazon.They still let you sell and they still let you get paid.Only difference is they hold a fraction of your profits for a 14 day period or longer
and pay you out periodically.This is so they can see you sending items out and focusing on customer service.It eventually goes away,but during this time you should be focused on sending out orders on time and pushing for feedback.Remember Sellerinsure does run a service which helps with bulking up feedback.

Are third party listing softwares safe to use on multiple amazon accounts?

Yes third party softwares like,shippstation,ect are safe with stealth accounts.However when you link it to your amazon account for the initial time ,do the process with the stealth method. After its connected you can use the third party software from your normal browsers.(If your reading this before you received the training, it’ll make way more sense after)

Can I use a Spread sheet to list my items?

Yes but be cautious.Some people bulk upload items by creating a excell spreadsheet and uploading it dirrectly to amazon.
Only issue is that amazon can read coding in all files even pictures.If you uploaded the exact same file used on a suspended or different seller account then amazon will link you.The Trick I use is copy n paste the file information into a fresh page and rename the file before you upload it to amazon.With pictures I screen shot them and save them as a new files.This rule also
counts for files uploaded to email customers.Like if a customer wants more pics.

Can I use fba?

Absolutely!If you plan on using fba only send minimal inventory until you get your first pay out. Your going to want to only send a small portion of inventory at first to test the waters.If you have good luck  with receiving your first payout this is when it is safe to send more.

Do I need to open a new company for amazon?

No save your money ,your first company is still good.The way we set up your tax info on amazon you dont need to give them
any personal information.You wont use amazons forms to claim income.Youll claim your income manually through your one company,meaning its up to you to tell irs what you really made.

When do I get the feedback on my account?

We start the feedback service 21 days after a new account goes live because that is the safest time to start.

Will you add all the feedbacks at once?

No Sellerinsure  drips the feedback on at the pace you wish,so it looks more natural towards your sales.


When will I receive the information?

Within 24-72 hours; however, at times it can be sooner than that depending on our staff output.

Do they come with payment holds?

Accounts do have the 14 day grace period hold for new time sellers and then moves into the standard payout after the period is over.

I am not in the USA, can I still use them?

Yes, international users can still benefit from them as long as you have a way to obtain a USA IP address. You can always send money to your personal account to withdraw funds.

Do I need to add my own bank?

All accounts, you will need to add your own bank to withdraw funds.

Can we use the virtual banks and virtual credit cards?

The cards and the bank is only meant for verification. They cannot be used, withdrawn to or used to pay for items.

Do these come with transactions?

No they do not.

Are these aged?

No, they are newly set-up.

Are they Professional and Category approved?

No, they are only individual seller accounts. Any account approval or professional upgrades we do not offer.