RDP Remote Desktop access (USA and EU)

We offer best on the market RDPs. Our servers not bruteforced, we use only exploit kits and botnets that will guarantee only you and owner will be on a server and no fraud activity in the past! We have both servers and home OS.
You can choose coutries for free:
-New Zealand

All requirements please message to PM before placing order or place in shipping address textbox UNENCRYPTED.

We can do:
-Check Blacklists
-Check risk and proxy score for the state you need (for US only)
-Custom port (not 3389-3400)
-Check for proxy and tunneling
-DNS check
-Closed ports check
-Choose any provider
-Geo (Zip or City for US only)
-Admin rights (you still may not be able to create new users in system)
-Check for virtualized environment
-Stealth patched user identity (you can work in parallel mode stealthy and owner will not detect you)
-Various check on registry for your resources or services
-Complex checks (whoer.net,2ip.io)
-Check for your needs (not using the registry this time)
-Check for working based on your needs

Refund policy:
No refunds or replacements until there is no other conditions in listings. I just can’t be sure that you use my stuff properly even if you have 10+ years in carding (dns or ip leakage, others raised flags, useragent etc., even quottoo fast professional clickingquot may ruin all your work) All refunds or replacements optional and I just can say NO. I am not responsible for your decisions and how you use my stuff, also I am not responsible for quality (I always try my BEST but I cannot guarantee nothing since this is all stolen/leaked data). I am here for the long run and I want to make a good image about myself. Negative feedback before trying to resolve your problem in PM would case permanently ban in my store. We are all people and if you dissatified please be rational and don’t start holy war If you don’t know how to use my stuff properly but wan’t to test it BTW. Sometimes we are all have bad days. I try to ship fast but it can be up to 48 hours


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