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Create pay stubs online easily! Check stubs and pay stubs can be generated instantly! Our automatic calculator does the work for you!
We offer customized paystub and payroll stub solutions with instant pay stub print options. There’s no need to download any software which means you can get all pay stub tasks completed much faster, and get on to other things of importance.
Features Our Pay Stubs / Pay Roll Have:
Auto Calculator
Paid – Weekly / Bi Weekly / Monthly / Bi Monthly
Paid – Hourly / Salary
Marital Status
Number of Exemptions
New Employee YTD (Only to those who have started after Jan 1)
Number of Pay stubs
Above is the information you will put into our automatic software and it will generate paystubs for you.
Our paystubs will contain:
YTD Gross
YTD Deductions
YTD Net Pay
Deductions ( Fica – Medicare / Fica – Social Security/ Federal Tax / State Tax )
Net Pay
** Only software needed is photoshop. Dont have p.s ? (Free plans available for first time emails.) aka just create a new email and you get it free for 30days no cc necessary.
Also personal Info but you will only have access to this..
Once you have created your paystubs. You print them off.
Tips: I recommend printing them on actual paystub paper, BUT you dont have to.
I have done this over a dozen times. I print them on regular paper. cut them out and then scan them. This makes it look like I scanned my real paystubs.
Why do you need paystubs and whats the benefit of having fake ones?
Everyday, we see more reasons to have a pay stub. As mentioned in our previous pay stub articles, in this economic system, everyone needs a Pay Stub to basically survive. We mentioned you need this form of proof of income to get a car, or to get an apartment, or some form of credit. But, it seems there are many other reasons someone would need a proof of income.
Reasons for Pay Stub
many reasons for Proof of Income or Pay Stub
There have been many instances where people need proof of income for some form of assistance. For example, Some perishes need either a utility bill or pay stub so they can get donations for helping them with an electric bill.
Some parents need a proof of income to get residency status to get their kids in school near their home. If you work at home, or have a small business where you are the only employee, you need a paystub. But, do you need to spend the time and money to create that stub? Especially if you are genuinely making the money, and you try and create one, just for proof, and then someone calls you out on it. There is a lot of explaining to do, why not just let us create the pay stub for you.
Another great example of where someone would need a pay stub, is when getting grants, like in Arenac County, in Michigan, which got $300,000 of grants to replace windows and other items for homes. You simply needed to have a proof of income. And if you work for a big company, that is not a problem, but, if you do odd jobs, or part time work, or do your own business, then it’s quite difficult to get your own pay stub.
We agree, that it is silly to go by pay stubs, but as we continue to show, there is many more reasons to have a pay stub, it’s the system we work in. If you are a capable person, who is obviously making a living, but, simply don’t have the paystub, then use our service, be honest, and live a better life.