Flex Theme $49.99 | $400 off!

The most configurable theme on the market.
Flex goes where no other Shopify theme has gone before. Offering multiple layout and section options and the easy addition of custom CSS, plus 13 unique style variants to get you started, Flex gives you ultimate control over the look and feel of your store.
Purchase details

Your theme will be delivered as a ZIP file once you complete your purchase. This file will include ALL of Flex’s built-in styles. The style you are purchasing here simply determines the default visual style when you first upload your theme.

Current version & release notes: Flex 2.0.9 (Updated January 18th, 2021)


  • latest version 2.0.9


  • New Flex shopify latest version 2.0.9
  • if you are considering opening a new store
  • Theme turbo Flex Shopify latest version 2.0.9 You can choose what suits your store 
  • You can choose what suits your store 
  • I recommend you to try it in your store some new features in the latest version I have many premium Shopify turbo themes and you have option to choose by yourself in my theme list
  • Premium – New Theme Turbo Flex shopify
  • Theme Flex Flora 
  • Theme Flex Bloom
  • Theme Flex Emporium
  • Theme Flex Fresh
  • Theme Flex Glow
  • Theme Flex Luxe
  • Theme Flex Moda
  • Theme Flex Nourish
  • Theme Flex studio
  • Theme Flex swagger
  • Theme Flex techno 
  • Theme Flex trending
  • Theme Flex wink
  • Flex

•I updated all flex theme versiion

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