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Dear customers!
We provide airline tickets and hotels bookings. ***Contacts*** have been updated – see below.
We don’t provide any stuff or event tickets.
Customer information:
1. We make air tickets and hotels for 30% (departure from USA) or 40% (other countries) from retail price (yes, it’s 60-70% discount!). It’s final price, there are no discounts.
2. There are must be at least 5+ days to flight or hotel check-in. The best time is 5-14 days prior to flight/hotel.
3. We have 200$ min order price (you pay), it means even if your order total retail price is $300, you pay $200 anyway. For orders higher than $670 it doesn’t matter.
4. Ususally, it takes us 2-3 days to get your order completed.
5. Less then 5 days to flight/hotel orders are ‘last minute’ and cost 50% (not 30% or 40%) from retail price.
6. If your order get cancelled – we remake it. If we can’t remake it – we refund.
How to make an order
1. Find you flight or HOTEL on website and make a screenshot (it must include flight route, date, time and price). For screenshot use imgur or any other screenshot service.
2. Take 30%,40% (or 50%) from retail price. (ex. $1100*0.3=$330 -price you pay)
3. Set correct order price by setting order quantity (ex. 33) – it’s not actual ticket quantity, it’s just for setting order price!
4. Put in “shipping address”: screenshot weblink and passenger full name, dob, and gender.
5. Make order.
6. After order’s completed you get your ticket/booking info in private message.